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IV therapy is a treatment that involves injecting a cocktail of vitamins directly into your bloodstream. It’s used to treat a variety of conditions, and it’s one of the fastest ways to deliver the appropriate fluids or medications. Flawless Aesthetics & Anti-Aging is an aesthetic center based in Lafayette, LA that offers IV therapy and vitamin cocktails.

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Flawless Aesthetics & Anti-Aging offers two different IV therapy options. Schedule an appointment as needed or book regular treatments by calling us at 337-501-6870.

Our Owner Will Determine whether or Not You Need:

Glow IV

An anti-aging vitamin cocktail that reduces the appearance of aging and melasma. This cocktail is injected directly to the bloodstream.

Prime IV

A vitamin cocktail that’s mixed with amino acids. This treatment is perfect for those patients who regularly undergo strenuous exercise, such as a triathalon.